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Me and you

i wait for you,
from dawn till dusk,
i wait for you,
from day till night,
i wait for you,
from young till old,
i'm still wait for you.

i miss you,
till i sickened myself,
i miss you,
till i poison myself,
i miss u,
till i stressed myself,
i'm still missing you.  

day by day,
night by night,
week by week,
month by month,
until years had passed,
i'm still waiting,
i'm still missing,

but now,
my patient starts to fall,
i can't even wait any longer,
not even for a minute,
not even for a second,
this waiting,
breaking my heart,
torturing my soul,
weakening my spirit,
i'm sorry i have to go,
this is a way so i can live on,
and a way move on,  

i'm sorry..
i'm sorry..
i'm sorry..

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